Park United Reformed Church

                      Chapelside Community Centre

                   Waddell Street, Airdrie, ML6 6JU


Tel: 01236 425242

 Sunday Service 10am

Would you like to help us continue to support the local community?

Park Church relies entirely on donations to survive and continue to operate in the local community. Over the years the Congregation has reduced considerably and with it our income to such an extent that the long term future of the Church is always a concern. We try hard to raise funds by organising sales, quiz nights, concerts etc so your support for these events is greatly appreciated.


If you are in a position to contribute towards the work of our Church in any way, please visit our contact page.


Apart from money, we also rely on volunteers to maintain the church building and to save what limited funds we have. If you can offer any donations of time or skills, whether you come to the church or not, please contact us.


We would love to have some contacts for specialised work that comes up from time to time e.g. electrical work, plumbing, painting, roofing, landscaping, cleaning, baking etc etc  – anything at all!



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